Is It Dangerous To Fix My Roof Myself?

Is Emergency Roof Repair A Do It Yourself Job?

Do it yourself projects can be a great way to save money and enhance your handyman skills. But for some weekend projects, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. If you’ve been thinking about fixing your roof yourself, you should be aware of the most important factor: safety. There are many risks associated with this task at hand and this is even more true if you have little to no experience with roofing. In this post, we outline the risks that come with DIY roof repair so you can be aware of everything involved.

DIY Roof Repair Risks

In the age of Google searches, YouTube tutorials, and home improvement shows, it’s no wonder why many pull up their bootstraps and give DIY projects a spin. For roofing repair, it’s ill-advised to fix these issues yourself unless you’re a professional contractor; it’s a dangerous task that could result in injury or even death.

Unstable Rooftops and Hidden Damage

Falling through the roof is often an unexpected risk, but it’s still very possible. If your roof has moisture damage, wood rot, or is just too old, there could be weak spots that could collapse under your weight. This is the reason why professional inspections need to be completed before any repairs are attempted. Failing to do so could leave you with a much larger hole that needs fixing, but might also leave you with a pricey medical bill!

Falling off the Roof

The most expected and highest risk of fixing your roof yourself is falling off. Due to many factors, this risk is a great one and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For an inexperienced roofer, here are the many ways that could contribute to personal injuries. 

  • Losing track of the edge:

Keeping track of the edge can be difficult and even experienced contractors might find themselves stepping a little too close to the edge. For many homeowners, this risk is even greater if your home is two stories high or if you have a split-level roof.

  • Ladder placement: 

If your ladder isn’t placed in a stable location or tied down (if necessary), then it could fall down and leave you with no way off of your rooftop. Falling off of an unstable ladder is also another risk to be aware of that would result in injuries. 

  • Roof Slope:

On steeper rooftops, it’s much easier to lose your footing or balance. Without the right safety precautions taken, you could slip due to an unsecured shingle, lack of balance, or if you simply lost your footing – all of which would undoubtedly lead to injuries. 

  • Weather:

Rain, wind, or lack of visibility are all recipes for disaster. Even on a textured asphalt shingle, you could slip and fall off your rooftop if it’s wet. 

Financial Risk

Although safety is the main concern with do it yourself rooftop repair, the other risks involved can hurt your wallet and leave you with more issues than what you began with. According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And for DIY roof repair, the chances are that even if you complete it safely, you could end up paying more money if you fail to repair issues correctly.

You see, there’s more to it than just nailing down new shingles and calling it a day. You also need to take flashing and underlayment replacement into account, which is a whole other task in and of itself. Improper fixes and shingle installations can leave new gaps and weak spots on your roof that can eventually lead to leaks. Even mishandling tools can puncture holes and cause future leaks. In extreme cases, do it yourself fixes can even lead to needing immediate professional help if large leaks occur or if your roof collapses. There’s no shame in hiring a professional for all your roofing needs. Our team at Lowcountry Roof Repairs adheres to the highest standard of safety, follows South Carolina’s roofing codes, and keeps up to date with new roofing technology to provide our customers with a stable, long-lasting rooftop. If you currently have any issues on your roof, please don’t hesitate to give us a call so you can rest easy knowing you have a safe roof above your head. And as a plus, you don’t have to risk the personal injury that comes with DIY roof projects.

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