Solar Panel Cleaning In Bluffton, SC

Don’t let dirty and pollen-covered solar panels cost you more money. Dirty panels can reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

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Did You Know Solar panels Need To Be cleaned? The large surface area of solar panels can make them prone to dirt, so these surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis for good performance.

Give Your Solar Panels The Love They Deserve With A Deep Clean

Solar panels have become extremely popular over time, and with good reason. Energy demands have gone up and solar panels provide a safe, green, and affordable option to supply the energy needs of your home or office.

With this newfound popularity solar panel cleaning has become one of our top services in Bluffton. The main things you should keep in mind when getting solar panels are that the initial installation cost may be a bit high, and you will need to have them cleaned every now and then. Once installed, however, you won’t get billed for power consumption and so this will offset the initial cost.

Solar Panels Are More Efficient When Kept Clean

Solar panel cleaning is important because in South Carolina, mold and spring pollen can coat them, making them less efficient. This can reduce their output by up to 20%, and this is energy you are missing out on.

Solar panels function by collecting the sun’s rays and turning them into clean energy to be used in residential homes, commercial spaces, and even as supply for power companies to resell.

It is therefore important to make sure you are getting the best from the panels by keeping them clean. Dirty panels have a lower energy output, a shorter lifespan, and sometimes even lead to voiding of their warranty.

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Inspection and Maintenance of Solar Panels

Apart from cleaning your solar panels when they get dirty, you should also get help from the cleaning or installation company with inspections to find out if there are any of the following:

  • Water damage where the panels are attached to the roof
  • Bird’s nests or any other animal infestation
  • Rust or corrosion on electric nodes and connections as well as loose wirin
  • Burn marks or cracked, chipped, or broken panels
  • Growth of mold and vegetation
  • Damage to the inverters

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Will The Rain Clean My Solar Panels?


it is necessary to manually clean them up and scrub the layer of dirt that covers them over time


Will The Rain Clean My Solar Panels?

To some extent, the Bluffton rain will clean the panels. It will not be efficient enough, however. Since they are made of glass like the windshield of a car, you can compare the two. If you left the grime on your windshield alone for a few months, you would suffer a great loss in visibility even if it rained often.

This grime would also turn green as it became a great spot for mold spores to take hold, and this is exactly what happens with a solar panel. When windshield wipers run back and forth over the windshield, they are able to get you better visibility as they effectively wipe off a lot of the dirt.

Because solar panels don’t have windshield wipers like cars, it is necessary to manually clean them up and scrub the layer of dirt that covers them over time.

Cleaning Solar Panels Is Not A DIY Job

While it may be tempting to set aside a few hours on a Saturday morning to clean your solar panels, this is not advisable. Most of the time, solar panels are on high roofs or other precarious positions and without protective gear and equipment, an accident may occur.

You may also unintentionally damage your solar panels while cleaning them if you apply too much force. Using an ineffective cleaning solution, for instance, can make it hard to dislodge dirt stuck to the panels. This dirt needs to be removed carefully to avoid causing cracks and dents that will lead to extensive future damage.

Another reason why you should not be doing it yourself is because professional solar panel cleaners will often have a special cleaning solution. This solar panel cleaning solution should be non-abrasive and leave a streak-free finish. It may also have UV-attracting compounds to enhance the function of your solar panels, all while being eco-friendly.

Solar panel cleaning in Bluffton can either be done by a solar panel cleaning company or the company that did the installation, saving you time spent trying to find cleaners.

You may also unintentionally damage your solar panels while cleaning them

What is the lifespan of a solar panel?

Most solar panels have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years. After this period, they won’t just stop producing electricity but rather they will start to lose power, operating at about 75% or more of their original efficiency.

Over the last 20 years, solar panel reliability has improved a lot, and because most manufacturers back their products with guarantees and warranties, you can expect great service from them.

Most solar panels have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years
it is necessary to manually clean them up

Although they will invariably degrade over time, you can give your solar panels the best chance to last a long time by inspecting them often so you can fix anything that gets out of place. Regular professional cleaning and removal of debris is practically the only maintenance your solar panels will need.

Going the green route of solar panels is a great move, and one that many people and businesses have already made. With advancements in technology, materials, and overall quality of solar panels, it’s a good bet that better things are in store with solar energy.

To enjoy the best that solar panels can offer, make sure to follow the best practices including inspecting and cleaning them when needed, and you will be glad you made the switch each time a month goes by without you receiving a headache-inducing energy bill!