Stucco Repair in Hilton Head Island, SC

Do you need stucco repair in Hilton Head? Stucco properly installed and maintained can last a hundred years or more. But, just because it’s long lasting doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require upkeep. At its core, stucco is just foam, and foam is fragile. Your expensive foam can form cracks or break away completely due to impact damage. You need a professional stucco repair service to keep your home looking its best.  

Is stucco expensive to repair?

Reviewing the extent of your damage is the most important step in the stucco repair process. In order to properly repair any stucco, the scope of the damage must be seen by a professional.

Does a large surface need to be redone, or is it just a small patch that needs fixing? The wrong choice can lead to a serious problem.

If an under-qualified repairman comes to do a small patch job, not realizing that much of the stucco underneath is corroded, then this simple patch job can become an expensive mistake that you will end up paying for. Do your research ahead of time and get the right people for the job.

Who Is the Best Person To Fix My Stucco

Does stucco get damaged easily?

Here in the Lowcountry our soul is very sandy, and in some cases you have actual sand very close to your home. Residential and commercial buildings built near sand can shift slightly and lead to damaged walls.

But, more common, is the damage that sand brings to your walls in strong winds. The abrasive sand can scar or erode away your stucco. It must be checked regularly to stop damage before it’s too late.

The power of the sun also takes a toll on stucco, it can lead to discoloration after long exposure to the harsh UV rays. Our springtime rainy season also causes damage to stucco, and long exposure to rain can also discolor your stucco; make sure you get it freshened up often to keep your home looking sharp.

Does Salt Air & Water Damage Stucco?

Salt water is the single most dangerous threat facing your stucco home. Hilton Head is known for its beaches. That means it is also known for its salt water. The salt is in the air, especially when it’s humid.

While not immediate, the damage this brings to your home can be major. The first thing you will notice is efflorescence, which is mineral salts deposited on the surface of your stucco. You will notice this quickly because it leads to discoloration almost immediately. The salt combines with moisture and leads to a white substance on your walls.

An annual cleaning should help you combat this issue, but if it isn’t taken care of the salt can start to beat the stucco off your home, leading to an expensive repair job.

Salt damage is easy to reverse if caught soon enough, make sure you aren’t stuck paying for a repair that could have been avoided. 

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We have been perfecting stucco repair in the Lowcountry for many years. We bring a level of quality that you can be proud of. Don’t let the harshness of the Lowcountry weather deprive you of a beautiful home. No matter what stucco you need repaired, our skilled craftsmen will get your job done quickly and efficiently!

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Expert Stucco Repair On Hilton Head

While stucco is extremely durable, it does occasionally need repairing and fixing. Our local Hilton Head stucco repair contractors are some of the best in the industry. Whether you like a real smooth look or something more textured, we can give you the look and feel you desire. When it comes to major cracks, crumbling, soft, or chipping stucco, it is best to call Lowcountry Roof Repairs. With so many benefits, stucco is a practical and popular choice in neighborhoods all around the Hilton Head area. If you would like to learn more about our expert stucco repair services, call and schedule an appointment. We would love to meet you and help you learn how we can assist you in your stucco project today!