Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Bluffton, SC

 Your roof protects you from the elements, blocking out the harsh sun and the rain, but do you ever protect it? A properly maintained roof can last more than 15 years, but just because a roof can be long lasting doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be monitored. Roof tile can snap and fall, the shingles can wear thin. Your roof can from cracks and allow leaks into your home, damaging whats inside. An annual roof washing can prevent some of these issues. With the slime and gunk softly washed away from your roof, mold cannot grow. A soft wash roof clean is the best protection your roof can get!

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a special low pressure wash that us used in professional roof cleaning. The lower pressure will rehabilitate your shingles without causing damage.

High pressure washes can be quite damaging to a roof. It can lead them chipped, frayed or even completely torn away. This exposes your roof to the elements. But our experts are trained to take special care of your roof. With the right amount of pressure we can keep your roof healthy and mold free.

A soft wash is something every roof needs, often times when the roof isn’t leaking we think it’s working. But without the right upkeep a working roof can quickly turn into a leaky roof. Resulting in expensive repairs. Prevent expensive repairs with an annual Soft Wash!

Will A Soft Wash Damage My Roof?

A Soft Wash is exactly what it sounds like. An easy, non-abrasive cleaning of your roof. The tools used are specially designed to cause no damage to roof shingles. A soft pressure wash will not damage your roof if done correctly.

Getting a soft wash in Bluffton, SC is doubly important. The coastal wind and heat makes roofs very susceptible to mold and lichen growth. If not carefully monitored your roof can became a garden for these parasites. If left unchecked the damage these invaders can do might be catastrophic.

Making sure your roof is properly maintained by professionals is key. Not only is roof work hazardous to the homeowner, if not done correctly you might end up spending more money on the repairs from the damage you caused. It takes a trained technician to soft wash a roof.

Pick the pros to clean your roof
picking the right toll for the job

How Does A Soft Wash Help The Interior Of My Home?

As we discussed, the roof protects you and your family from the elements, but did you know a properly cleaned roof can save you money, and not jut saving you from potential repairs!

A well maintained roof actually works to trap hot or cold air in your attic. Preventing it from making its way down into your living space. This makes it easier to control your temperature.

A roof damaged by dirt or mold will not be able to properly regulate your home’s temperature. Make sure your roof is in perfect working order before the summer or winter.

We Can Wash Your Bluffton Roof

We are the preferred roof cleaners of the lowcountry. Our specialists bring the quality work you can be proud of. Do not let the harsh weather of Bluffton destroy your roof. Our team will work with you to get your roof washed quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Soft Washing:

  • No pressure Damage
  • Tangible Results
  • Long Lasting Cleaning
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Prevents Future Repairs
the best investment for your roof

Expert Soft Washing In Bluffton

While your roof is very durable is does occasionally need repairs and fixes. Our Local Bluffton Soft wash experts are some of the best in the industry. Whether you like your roof to look brand new or just need the peace of mind a clean roof can bring, we will take care of your needs. So, if you see some green on your black roof or just haven’t had a cleaning in a while call Lowcountry Roof Repair. If you would like to learn more about our extensive roofing work call today and schedule your appointment. We are looking forward to meeting you and learning how we can assist you and your roof!