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Emergency roof repair can be necessary at a time when you least expect it. A small leak can warrant an emergency roof repair for several reasons, besides the obvious ones. Ignoring a repair issue with your roof can be costly.

The longer you wait, the more damage can occur and the more expensive it can become.

You May Need Emergency Roof Repair If These Common Problems Happen To You!

Wind Tears Off Your Shingles

A wind gust of 40 or 50 mph can be hard on an aging roof. It may not seem to be too serious when you’re warm and cozy indoors. But a gust of wind coming from the right direction can lead to an emergency roof repair. When the underside of the shingles are exposed, you can expect a leak. If you have an older roof, look closely at your shingles after a large windstorm.

If only a few shingles are missing, you may be able to replace them. But if a large section of shingles is missing, it may require an entire roof replacement. If there is damage to only one side of the roof, a partial replacement may be possible.

Something Has Fallen on the Roof

Hailstorms or thunderstorms can cause further damage to your roof. If there are branches of a tree above your home, as they age or get damaged, they can fall onto your roof. It’s possible that shingles will be lost, and the material that protects your home from leaks will be damaged.

Wind Tears Off Your Shingles

Winter Damage

If the action of ice freezing and thawing can erode an entire hillside, imagine what it can do to your roof. While we don’t tend to experience too many days of freezing temperatures in the Lowcountry, some of the inland areas can freeze a bit in the winter.

Frozen water can move under loose shingles, refreeze, and expand again when the ice thaws. This could lead to a serious leak. Keep a watchful eye on your attic or ceiling during the winter months to ensure that you are not experiencing this type of damage.

Animals on Your Roof

Squirrels, woodpeckers, and raccoons can chew holes in your siding or roofing, in addition to building nests. Watch for any new or unusual animal activity on the roof to prevent damage.

Gutters Need to Be Replaced

This may not seem like a roofing issue. But gutters that are clogged with debris can lead to water back-ups. The result can be damaged roofing and leakage.

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How to Stop the Leak from the Inside During An Emergency

If you have attic access, you can make a temporary patch with a shingle and roofing tar or a piece of plywood.

  • Find the entry point of the leak
  • Apply the tar to the underside of the roof
  • Press the blocking material into the tar
  • Apply more tar around the edges of the patch
Cover a wide area of the roof with plastic if it is safe to get on the roof

How to Stop the Leak from the Outside

Cover a wide area of the roof with plastic if it is safe to get on the roof.

  • Using 6-mil polyethylene plastic, wrap it around a 2×4, stapling the plastic to it. With another 2×4, nail it to the first, making a “sandwich” to secure the plastic.
  • Stretch the plastic across the area of the leak.
  • Position the wood along the eaves, and using a pair of 2x4s, secure the other end of the plastic. Allow that end to hang over the roof, as the weight will help hold the plastic flat and prevent it from blowing away.

Remember, these are just quick fixes until you can contact your emergency roof repair contractor to attend to the problem.

How to Choose a Roof Repair Contractor

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Depending on how severe your roof damage is, you may not have a lot of time to shop around for a roof repair service. Make sure you choose a contractor that is bonded, licensed, and insured.

With their experience and knowledge of the business or if they have been recommended by a friend or family member, it is probably safe to hire them for the job. Be aware that there are companies that are “storm chasers.” They prey on homeowners after severe weather occurrences.

Often they are corrupt companies trying to convince homeowners to hire them for repairs. But often, the work is substandard, or worse yet, after receiving a deposit they are never heard from again.

you may not have a lot of time to shop around for a roof repair service

What Will the Emergency Roofing Contractor Do For Me?

The roofer will inspect the area to determine all the issues that may exist. The opening will be covered with strong plastic tarps, secured tightly against the weather. The roof will be repaired according to industry standards and current building codes.

Does Insurance Cover My Repairs?

Typically when damage is caused by an accidental force, weather, or those things you have no control over, then your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover it. But make sure that you keep up with home maintenance and fix those minor issues as they arise because if the damage is caused by negligence, it will (most likely) not be covered.

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