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We are a seasoned, locally situated, and family-owned roof repair company in Hardeeville, SC. Clients know us as Lowcountry Roof Repairs, available 24/7. We handle emergency roof repairs, storm damage cover-ups and roof maintenance. We do not install new roofs. We repair your current roof and help you to avoid new roof replacements until you are ready to call a roof replacement company. The communities we serve are growing as fast as our company. We worked hard to earn a trusted name in roof repair. Our consultations are no-obligation, no pressure, and free

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Communities across our area continue to expand outward, or subdivided land soon become new cities in the area. Hardeeville is small but is growing and expanding due to several new housing developments. We now service new regions: Latitude Margaritaville, Sun City, Hilton-Head, and Hardeeville, SC. Hardeeville is growing and those searching for roof repair in the area, search Hardeeville for roof repair information.

Roof repairs come about when your roof is compromised, and you start to notice a roof leak inside the house. Roof leaks call for immediate attention because a small leak can be very costly to the homeowner due to further damages inside the home and to its structure. Possible roof leaks caused by storm damages, standing water on your flat roof, missing vent caps, missing shingles, leaking skylights, and leaks around chimneys lead to mold, mildew, and weakens the structure of the house. A small roof leak leads to more costly repairs.

Communities across our area continue to expand outward
Aged shingles are the biggest reason for roof leaks

Various Causes of Roof Damage In Hardeeville, SC

Living in Hardeeville, South Carolina means that you know what kind of weather is most common. However, do you know how this weather affects your roof? South Carolina is known for its subtropical climate. The summers become hot and humid. The winters are mild. Elevation above 600 feet has a different impact on your roof.

Roofs on homes can last 10-years or indefinitely, depending on the materials used when the roofing company installed your roof. Aged shingles are the biggest reason for roof leaks. Most shingles become aged, brittle from the hot sun, and weaken, allowing water to leak through the shingles and into the house. You can only do so many roof repairs before you need to call a roofing contractor for a replacement. Give us a call to come and take a look at the condition of your roof.

If you have taken your roof maintenance for granted, you no doubt have neglected necessary repairs. It is wise for you to have an annual roof inspection making sure that you have no hidden damage.

Don’t Walk On Your Roof, And Not Just For Safety

Our Service Locations Grow Daily

It is never a good thing to make a habit of walking on your roof as your shoes can cause punctures in the shingles or easily remove the granules coating the shingles. When you need to walk on your roof, wear soft shoes that have sufficient traction. Never walk on your roof during scorching temperatures. However, it is a good idea to sweep your roof and clean out the gutters at least annually and after severe storms.

South Carolina sees little ice and snow. However, this state can experience cold rain and a minimum of ice or hail. If this continually happens over the years, this can damage your shingles.

Every state experiences stiff winds and storms throughout the year. Your shingles must stand the test of time when it goes through inclement weather like excess humidity, ice, rain, sleet, or snow.

Avoid Walking On Your Own Roof, Not Just For Your Own Safety
high heat indexes that wear on your roof
A Heat Damaged Roof

Keeping Your Roof In Good Repair

Hot weather emits UV light and high heat indexes that wear on your roof. Make sure your attic is well insulated and ventilated, as this helps to protect your shingles. When you have a new roof installed, ask your contractor if they can install a radiant barrier on the ceiling in your attic. A radiant barrier prevents the sun from becoming too hot on the shingles.

In our business, we notice, in many instances, roofs that are not installed correctly. While some contractors say that roofs should not have any more than three layers of old shingles. While this is true, we believe that this is asking for possible leak problems in the future. Contractors who do not use an underlayment, fail to install proper flashing, do not use a quality roof sealant, or fail to correctly secure overlap shingles can cause costly damage in the home.

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